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Gabriella by Duncan Swallow This is an excerpt from my detective novel, 'Blain.' Lou is one of the partners, and she and Suki, the other business partner, are lovers
Hello. Feminism • by Miss Fagli The day you start being quiet, is the day that they get all the control. Don't ever let that happen.
Steve and his Dad go to Glasgow by Stephen Duffy For the first time, this is pure autobiography- no fiction at all
My Blue Jean Feminism • by Waland It's always the little things that make us feel good inside,
Unbound Boxes: Issue # 47: Alexand Merek Part 2 Feminism • by Cheryl Moore Alexand's identical twin sister, Heyem has arrived, eager to ‘help’ her recover after her release from a Floating Asylum Ship.
Unbound Boxes: Issue # 49: Doris Imbrovich Feminism • by Cheryl Moore Doris was born in Russia and won a scholarship to a prestigious international school. She loved dancing. It brought her great joy.
Unbound Boxes: Issue # 48: Jarad Vijay Part 2 Feminism • by Cheryl Moore Jarad is trying his best to help his wife, Alexand adjust back into family life, after her release from a floating asylum ship.
The Rose Wish by Hugh Roberts Bryan and Marcus dig up an old metal box that contains nothing except a wish. They pair travel back in time, making a shocking discovery.
Val, Tell me a Story No.33: Husband got WASTED by Valerie_Willis Being married means you get to tell those embarrassing stories about each other, so here's the drunkest moment with my now Husband!
REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT Environmental • by Zoe Eitel A poem on our desensitization to the slow death of Mother Nature written for my Exploring the Goddess class.
Unbound Boxes: Issue # 50: Helga Ritter Feminism • by Cheryl Moore After injecting herself with the blood of Ichitumbu Jalhavi, Helga Ritter stands onboard the floating asylum contemplating her own meaning.
Why I Live in the Middle East by Ann Liska A true story about personal and professional choices.
Sharing Clothing Feminism • by clyph.leftwich
Haiku by Zoe Butler It's about love, like everything else
Don't Hold Your Breath by Zoe Butler Flash horror fiction.
Ask the Author: Vanessa Tait by Vikki Patis I review The Looking Glass House, and chat to the author, Vanessa Tait, about her writing process.
The Elephant on the Monorail by Zoe Butler A fable for children of all ages and climes.
The Friends I Still Need by sgrvrnk 22 and the secrets of making friends
THE SHORT, SHORT VISIT by Hugh Aaron Are we all to blame when one of us commits a violent act?
Review: Pitch Perfect 2 by themaxdog A review of the recent film Pitch Perfect 2.
Time Loop by Lochlan Bloom Nietzsche
Walking Away by clyph.leftwich
My Top 10 Favorite Movie Veterans by Thomas Willett In honor of Memorial Day, a list of my favorite soldiers who fought on film.
My Top 10 Favorite 2015 TV Shows (January-May) by Thomas Willett With the year half empty, it's nice to know that the best shows of the year are half full.
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