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Expensive Sex Feminism • by Emma Rasmussen Sex costs. First there are the drinks. You don’t know him too well. Actually, you’re still not sure you like him. Another red might help
Corita Kent Artist: A Nun Who Shunned Tech Feminism • by Dave Masko A recent Google “doodle” featured feminist artist Sister Mary Corita who shunned information technology “for art’s sake.”
The Planner by Pearlowa Why do we have to plan each step we take in life? And isn't surrendering a kind of planning?
The Curious Child: A Feminist Poem Feminism • by Lauren Martin Part of an English project in which I had to write a poem about a modern "type" of person.
Truths of a girl who knows absolutely nothing about make up. The List Index • by samantharosesaw Am I the only girl who has no interest in make up?
Crazy Part II INTROSPECTION • by Tango
A character within this story, Kalan Moore Feminism • by Valormore An excerpt from M. O. T. A.
Book Review: The Death House by Sarah Pinborough by Vikki Patis “Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”
Five Minutes at an Airport Travel • by Hamish 'Managua' Gunn An encounter
Bejeweled Pom Pom by D.E.Williams A woman comes home to a unforgettable surprise
Italy: a glimpse into lost hopes and dreams. Travel • by Lara Rye A glimpse into the Southern part of Italy, observing something that is beside the seaside, that seems to be hidden. Lost dreams and hopes.
Confessions Of An Introvert: Top Ten. The List Index • by BookWorm007 Top ten signs that you're an introvert.
Do you know what that is? Travel • by Darlene Jones a little trip to the past
Ask the Author: Daisy Waugh by Vikki Patis Daisy Waugh, author of the fantastic new novel Honeyville, spoke to me about her writing process.
Redwoods Endangered and Nobody Cares Environmental • by Dave Masko Native American elders say God visited the Earth in the body of a mighty California Redwood, but was felled for designer tables in 2014.
An All You Can Eat Buffet For My Lungs. Environmental • by james.o.firkins Environmental Writing.
Wake Me Up I'm Dreaming by D.E.Williams When a dream turns into an unforgettable nightmare.
Ask the Author: Karen Maitland by Vikki Patis I spoke to best-selling medieval thriller author Karen Maitland about her writing process.
Winter Reminiscence Travel • by Raji Sunderkrishnan A sliver of memory from a winter long ago, brings back both smiles and worries.
How not to be killed by a crocodile by Duncan Swallow Fun advice
Following.... by Bobby Stevenson What's this story about? What it's always about love and loss.
Fresh Water by Neil Brosnan A salmon of wisdom
The follow-up to Haunting Melissa by Author Aamir Review
Results Are In... There is No Such Thing As A Perfect Body by Roxy_Watson Only 3% of women in the UK are happy with their bodies, so is there such a thing as a perfect body?
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