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West Coast Climate Change Horrors Happening Environmental • by Dave Masko It’s no coincidence that the government is always one step ahead of locals when worrying about pending Tsunami horrors.
Rick and Charlie get plotting again by Duncan Swallow The plan to avenge Treeza begins to take shape
Oregon Community College Killer Said, “So Long Space Robots” by Dave Masko Technology addict reaches breaking point Oct. 1 murdering 9, and wounding 7 others. This Facebook killer trending online!
Prayer For A Period Feminism • by clyph.leftwich The consequences of Love
Bring Out Your Dead - Part 8 by philip.whiteland It's a long trip from Paris to Alicante. Our intrepid travellers have finally made it!
Oregon Mass Murderer Used Internet to Spread Hate, Fear Feminism • by Dave Masko It happens every day in America; frustrated and fully wired youth use the Internet to share the evil that men do.
The Dead Beat, Part 1 (of 2) by DashCrowley Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem
Advantages of Using Styrofoam Boxes by Samantha Davidson Advantages and disadvantages of using Styrofoam boxes for your packing and storing needs.
Dealing With Infestation Environmental • by Zoe Butler Environmental SF.
Which Birds Will Be Attracted by Your Garden Environmental • by Amelia Goldford What plants you need for specific birdies
Essential Tips: Proper Carpet Cleaning and Care by Martin Moran
Unbound Boxes: Issue # 89: Mr Ash Part 2 Feminism • by Cheryl Moore Mr Ash craves Lord Anum Anzeti’s gold mines more than any other place in the world.
Digital Culture Kryptonite: Saying I Love You Feminism • by Dave Masko I love you does not compute because love expects nothing. Real human love is simply love for no reason; love without an object.
Why Your Grilled Cheese Sandwich Sucks by AnthonyDale
The Gift of Spoons by Ryan Schmitz This story was inspired by a post and picture in the WAPAT (Write a paragraph about this) Group on Facebook. It concerns Welsh love spoons.
A TREE GROWS IN THIS DESERT Environmental • by Laura Brush This story is about a most unique tree that lives in the Bahrain desert. Her name is Shajarat-al-Hayat. She is called "The Tree of Life"
100% human. Feminism • by Lucija V What is that one thing in your life no one knows about,what is that particular space in your heart you spend all your energy trying to hide?
Efficient Carpet Cleaning: DIY or Hire a Professional? by Martin Moran
The Welsh Copper who became a Nazi double agent... by David Lawlor from historywithatwist.wordpress.com
Mr Short by Zoe Butler Mr Short was her father's best customer. She found him a nightmare.
Social media by Pamela Harris Social media becomes effective through a process called "building social authority"
3 Data Encryption Facts that Every Organization Must Know by Rafe Data Encryption is the data securing method that is widely used over various data transfer channels. The encryption process converts the mes
Ode to a Stickleback and Romanticism by David Hadley How one of the greatest romantic poems came to be written - possibly.
Why I Love Long Takes by Thomas Willett When used properly, it can be meditative, surreal, and unexpected to the audience.
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