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A Lonely Sky - Short Story about Katina by Zach Affolter Katina, a female orca at SeaWorld Orlando, was captured in 1978 at age of 2. She's shown no aggression but refused to perform a few times.
Ask The Author: Julia Suzuki by Vikki Patis Julia Suzuki, British author of children's literature, spoke to me about her writing process.
Confessions of a Tomboy Feminism • by jcmillerwriter When I first realized I was a feminist
The Crazy Notion of Being Both a Mama AND Something Else by Elise Stephens Re-calibrating personal goals after the birth of my first child.
2014’s biggest Asset Feminism • by sallycross What’s the obsession with the booty?
It's "died of suicide," not "committed suicide." by loudlysilent Words matter when we talk about suicide.
Remembering (Help for) Haiti... by Serena As time draws near to the anniversary, we remember those who suffered at this time.
Halloween Haunts and Fang Bangs for Comic Readers Comic Books • by Ray Van Horn, Jr. 'Tis the season of the witch and monster mashes. Here are a few recommendations to get your fright fix in comics.
Too Tattooed To Teach? by melissaholden94 A qualified teacher is being belittled for having "head to toe" tattoos by The Daily Mail. Here's what I think...
A Peculiar Old Man, A Starlight Taxi Story by Stick Bob The driver meets a peculiar old man who educates him on something he never thought he'd be interested in. . . trees.
What I Want For You by stuartaken A Poem written to my daughter on her 15th birthday
A Haiku Among The Pines by Hamish 'Managua' Gunn Trees are my temples and forests are my cathedrals (Mikhail Gorbachev)
Torrid Talks Environmental • by elke.. The Cairns Institute recently hosted a TEDx event, titled 'Torrid Talks — Why Aristotle Was Wrong.'
20 of My Favorite Horror Films The List Index • by Thomas Willett From old school to modern standards, a look at what gets me screaming.
Meet Tom by Serena An old man with a story and I beg you not to jump to judgement
Gypsy Moon by Hamish 'Managua' Gunn An early morning forest walk
One Sick Dog, A Starlight Taxi Story by Stick Bob The driver isn't doing so hot and is on the verge of dying as he starts to hallucinate and visit memories of his past.
First chapter of Seasons' End by Will North Chapter 1 of Seasons' End
Bush Clover (one of the seven sacred autumn flowers) by Hamish 'Managua' Gunn Sacred tea and marriage proposals
HIS COVEN by D.E.Williams An erotic tale set on Hallows Eve
WEEK 8 PREVIEW: Detroit Lions @ Atlanta Falcons by NFLUnderCentre High stakes shoot-out at Wembley
The Elephant In The Room by Dirkgently1066 Tackling the stigma of mental illness
Footprints by jazzt8 A father's love
Taylor Swift Forgets What Girls Learn at 17 Feminism • by Dave Masko She says “shake it off,” but Taylor Swift forgets what it means to be a teen object today, say teen girls.
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