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My Childhood Best Fiend and Surprise. Hot, Steamy, Mini-Stories • by The Gay Classifieds Dot Com Hot, Sexy, Fantasy Mini Story (18+ Only)
The Philanthropist by ThePhilanthropist Which is the most charitable country - How do we define charitable?
How To Live Your Life According to BON JOVI Life Lessons • by Kristine Tsiknaki Shining Like A Diamond, Rolling With The Dice!
PAYBACKS ARE A BITCH by Gail Koger Messing with a hormonal, pregnant woman is never a good idea.
5 Reasons You Should Have Watched 'Community' What To Watch • by Ali Griffiths NBC's now long-running comedy series reached a potential conclusion this week- read why it was brilliant and why you should watch it.
Easter Morning by Jon Ripslinger Oh Lord! Was he going to ask me for a date? In a cemetery? On Easter Sunday? We'd know each other—what? Ten minutes? Fifteen—tops?
What Makes a “Good” Parent? by Melanie Jean Juneau What makes a good parent? In one word? Humility. In two words? A sense of humour and humility.
Camden Has Moved On - Maybe The Libertines Should Music • by James Rodger Rumours of a potential Libs reunion are ubiquitous today. James Rodger reveals why it shouldn't happen...
Captain Clancy the Flying Clothesline Children's Stories • by Tui Allen To read aloud to children aged four to six.
Beyonce Is Not Empowering Feminism • by Sophie Rashad
There is more to happiness than being happy by Jacob Trueman A holistic approach to joy
Pharmaceutical Drugs in the Banana Plantation by Duke Miller Pills were like a memorial service.
You ought to see my pussy by CarolineCucks How to respond to a young man who...
The Concept of Modern Day Feminism Feminism • by Samantha91S What does feminism mean in modern day society?
A Look at Cinematographers-turned-Directors What To Watch • by Thomas Willett A rare challenge with an even rarer success rate
Awkward Moment by Antoni C Chuck Making eye contact with a stranger while riding the train
Self-Hating by Duke Miller Apocalypse in my bedroom.
Cansado de ser valiente by Soaffected Nunca pensé que la vida iba a dar tantas vueltas. Lo que parecía que iba a ser la estabilidad se han convertido en mi mayor temor.(parte1)
Beating Wife Can Cost You 50,000 And Jail Term In Saudi Arab by innlive In an unprecedented step, a Saudi Arabian law will be applied starting next week forcing a husband to pay his wife a maximum of 50,000 SR
Learning to Pay Attention by Brian H. Gill Living in a world of wonder, pursuing truth, sharing what I find.
Writers need love too...Saw this at my local coffee shop. by Mindy Halleck
Inside The Womb: The Mystery Of America's 'Virgin Births' by innlive One in every 200 young American women says she became pregnant while still a virgin. That is the eye-popping figure reported.
Let it go Music • by Sophiielauren Disney's frozen
How to create your own happiness by Ellie Costigan Happiness will creep up on you when you least expect it
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