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Beards: Hot or Not? Fashion • by Al Cave With beards growing, is it time to take the trim?
Debt Inheritance by Pepper Winters First Book in the Indebted Series
Planes falling from the sky Controversial • by claudia.bianchi There is always a choice to make.
Paris: A Survival Guide City Guides • by Al Cave The best of Paris on a student budget
Reaching out - UPDATE by Author Aamir Storehouse for iPad & ReadWave
Top 5 Alternative London Attractions City Guides • by Tom Payne For those tourists who wish to avoid the tourists (Image Credit: Jeremy Mann)
Please, help me... by R. L. Moatz A mother trapped in a vicious cycle of domestic violence knocked on my door late one night.
Children of the 21st Century Society • by MillyAustin Technology: what, and how much, is appropriate?
Can military intervention ever be truly humanitarian? Controversial • by Hanna Kuchar
10 Things That Occur On A Girls' Night Out by lucycowlin
The Devil's Chair by jennifer.hotes Four Rubbings' protagonist, Josie, is desperate to see her dead mother one more time. But is sitting in the devil's chair worth the risk?
Ask The Author: Ben Fergusson Love Books? • by Vikki Patis This month, I contacted debut author Ben Fergusson for an interview.
Exploited: Celebrity Misfortunes Celebrity • by lucycowlin All that glitters is not gold
Yoga and Me: The Acceptance of Nothing Healthy Living • by Guy My Experience with Yoga
Review: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes by themaxdog Can the film live up to the effects?
Character Empathy : To care or not to care. Gaming • by whyalwayslee A short glimpse at character empathy and how it can change gaming for the better.
Someone Like You by Miles White You Never Know, But Then You Do
HONY: Brandon Stanton's Scope of the Human Experience Secret New York • by Rebecca Wilkin Photoblog 'Humans of New York' reveals an unforgettable insight into the lives of the citizens of New York city
The Key to Writing How To Write • by Bennett Winters Forget every writing rule you've ever heard and follow mine.
Remember Homophobia? LGBT • by NPS - blog Just a friendly reminder from a fellow LGBT writer to continue the fight for equal rights and protection under the law
5 Life Lessons I Learned In My Early 20s Friends • by Mery Pacifici Let us all embrace our early 20s and try to make the most of them
Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Am I the Fairest Of them All? by ChloeRose A disappointing set of statistics reveal a certain anxiety about the word 'beautiful' and our reluctance to accept our own beauty.
A Lazy Realization Travel • by Irfan Bashir Shah
I'm 5'6, 121 pounds and I love dressing up. Body Image • by elizabethnjw Do you see my problem, in this world of supermodels?
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