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A disciple of the down and out and dirty with an interest in survival and how each and all attempt to somehow cope and see life through. Currently working on a collection of short stories to be titled ‘Soapsuds Island’, the characters and events of which are based in his home town of Acton, West London. Particularly interested in the wounded and the lost and how the yearning for contentment forever lingers. Studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Kingston University, London.

The Tutti by Tomek Dzido A stranger meets his son amid the music of a life long lost.
Confession by Tomek Dzido When life becomes a battle, will belief survive?
Heartburn by Tomek Dzido When eating is a way of life, how long will breath remain.
So You Want To Be A Writer by Tomek Dzido Writing. Wilting. Wondering.
Wet Brain by Tomek Dzido When time is in short supply, will anything change?
Sunrise over Cappadocia by Tomek Dzido Sharing the sights of the world below, love reaches unprecedented heights, but will it survive?
Rust and Home by Tomek Dzido Leaving home is never easy, but going back is harder still.
Return to Sender by Tomek Dzido Opening a letter can be a joy, but what if the words are meant for someone else?
STIRRING SHADOWS by Tomek Dzido A writer remembers the words...
COLIN by Tomek Dzido A mother deals with the aftermath of her decision...
Stuck in Traffic by Tomek Dzido The wait is over...
Loving Rapunzel by Tomek Dzido Sometimes love lingers on too long.
The Angry Beaver by Tomek Dzido An Angry Beaver
The Sabotage of Nicholas Cage by Tomek Dzido A group of friends meet to discuss the complexities of life.
Bygone Barcodes by Tomek Dzido Anne pushes her trolley around the supermarket and reflects on how her life was lived.
Drifting by Tomek Dzido A mother tries to come to terms with the consequences of her calculations.
Anamnesis - Part 2 by Tomek Dzido My first novel - continued...
YA GET ME by Tomek Dzido A teenager deals with a difficult home life and searches for a way to escape and live the life she craves-Warning-violence & profanity
ANAMNESIS - Part 1 by Tomek Dzido The beginning of my first novel. Written some time ago but considered there to be no harm in sharing. Will continue to post installments.
Going Out by Tomek Dzido James has to decide between the comfort of his home or the world beyond.
Days of Dust by Tomek Dzido Tony opens the remaining boxes only to find more than he bargained for.
Concrete Corridors by Tomek Dzido Maria makes her way to her new job and wonders why new beginnings never seem to satisfy.
Potatoes and Peas by Tomek Dzido James goes shopping for Potatoes and Peas.
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