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Susan Jones writes thriller/suspense novels and is the author of the Dark Deception trilogy. The first book of the Dark Deception trilogy is called From Her Eyes, which published in 2012. The other two books are The Investigation and The Exorcism, which are both due to publish in 2013. Susan also wrote Clausdrum (Life Without Parole), a crime/suspense novel that published on October 31st, 2012. In addition to writing, Susan is also a Registered Nurse and works full time in a Cardiac Care Unit.

The Day That Changed My Life by Susan Jones Life is constantly changing around us. Count your blessings and never take anything for granted. This is my story and it changed my life....
Path of Wisdom, Souls of Death by Susan Jones A poem taken from the great mind of Solomon, the book of Proverbs
The Visitors by Susan Jones What would you do if aliens landed on our planet? Would you assume they are good or evil? This is one scenario of the "Visitors".
Ghost Hunting by Susan Jones What happens when we leave this world? Does anything exist beyond what we see? This group of ghost hunters are about to find out.
Pushed Too Far by Susan Jones What would happen to a person if they are pushed beyond their limits? If a person bottles up all their rage, where does it go?
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