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Representation in Videogames - Does it Really Matter? Gaming • by Jordan Ephraim Is it really as important as some videogame journalists will have you think?
You'll Be Blown Away By The Amazing Reason Why This Works Controversial • by saffa.khan Why hyperbolic titles get clicks, and where the road of viral content leads
Fewer Steps, Not More. Environmental • by stuartaken Localise to change the world.
Enlightenment of India Travel • by Anisha A Life-Changing Experience In The Rubble of Mumbai
If You Can't Change The World, Then Let The World Change You Inspire • by Mark White Revolution has to start somewhere, and your world is a lot smaller than you think...
Russell Brand: False Prophet Politics • by James Edwards Why Russell Brand's call for revolution is stupid & ignorant.
A Change Needs to Come to Gun Control in America Controversial • by Laura Casale After a long list of devastating and fatal school shootings in America, Congress still can't agree on gun control.
Summer Life for a College Student Funny • by Eric Webb The Inadvertent Dos and Donts
23 Words That Have A Different Meaning At A Girls' Night Out Funny • by Kristine Tsiknaki A comprehensive guide to girls and their language.
The Coolest Men You've Never Heard Of Fashion • by Spencer Tait The Congo's "Society of Elegant Persons" have a thing or two to teach you about true style
Why is abortion still not a woman's right? Controversial • by Christina Anagnostopoulos In Spain: a conflicting recent law reflecting conflicting mentalities.
Diva, please. Girl Problems • by ChloeRose When did the word diva start having negative associations?
The 4 Most Important Films of 2013 The List Index • by Bennett Winters The holdouts that are saving us from Hollywood
A Commentary on Reverse Racism Controversial • by Anna Ryan A calm discussion, I promise.
Your 2014 Summer Playlist Music • by Chandler Forget Top 40, these songs will make your summer unforgettable.
Why #YesAllWomen Matters Controversial • by Laura Casale After the shooting in Isla Vista, Calif. a hashtag to protest sexism was created. Why it matters and how it is getting misinterpreted.
Tracks to Take You to the Tropics Music • by Macy Moore Relax and get a dose of the ocean breeze with these summer songs!
Why is Marvel so successful at the box office? Comic Books • by comicspantheon MCU's success explained
Is Money the Key to Fulfillment? Against The Grain • by Ellen Scheidt
How not to act on a hen party! Girl Problems • by Bhm90 Having returned from a wild hen party abroad, I have noted what us girls should avoid doing to have fun and more importantly, save face.
Summer and my Non-existent Summer Body. Girl Problems • by Katie Green The pressure to get that summer body and why I can't be bothered.
Dear Girls: Please Start Dressing For Boys Body Image • by Eileen James Or at least get your head out of your ass (which is currently hanging out of those shorts)
What's wrong with teen movies today What To Watch • by Audrey Soto In 2014, it seems that the producers new approach on teen movies is far away from the quality our young generation deserves
Eco-Friendly Diets to Try Out This Spring Healthy Living • by Cristopher Calhoun
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