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I'm an author & illustrator in the UK. My epic fantasy novel, White Mountain, was published in 2012 & a superior 2nd edition was re-published 1st December 2014.

And the rains fell... by Sophie E Tallis A poetic homage to WWI
Breath by Sophie E Tallis Existentialist breathing...
The Subdued Petal by Sophie E Tallis Poetic nature.
Hot Insomnia by Sophie E Tallis We may be drowning in Winter waters, but last year we were roasting!
Misspent Drinking by Sophie E Tallis Screaming silences...
The Silver Chalice by Sophie E Tallis Catching the world before it disappears...
The Artist by Sophie E Tallis When words aren't enough...
Insincere by Sophie E Tallis Falling into blue...
Smile by Sophie E Tallis The dance we all do...?
Distillations on Silence by Sophie E Tallis Alcohol drenched endings.
Stay a while longer ... please by Sophie E Tallis The fragility of life...
Cirrhosis of the Soul by Sophie E Tallis Alcoholic reckonings. The progeny returns to confront the monster of the past and finds the puppet master still holding the strings.
The Last Letter by Sophie E Tallis In a world bereft of humanity, one last letter remains, lying in wait, lying in hope...for a survivor to find it.
The Dust Room by Sophie E Tallis Citizen Kane and Gatsby had nothing on Addison Shaw. Reclusive billionaire, mystery man, outsider, freak. Secrets clung to him like money...
The Wishing Tree by Sophie E Tallis A teenage girl, isolated from her peers and life in general, lives in a home of domestic violence and alcoholism...and dreams of an escape.
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