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Just someone who likes to daydream, listen to the Killers and sometimes gets other stuff done in between...

The things which aren't there by Sheepyblue Nobody misses them, do they? A piece of flash fiction for the prompt beach.
To Sister by Sheepyblue A man writes to a long gone stranger
On Tonight's Programme by Sheepyblue This was my entry for the Tower Poetry competition, the prompt being News
Stairs by Sheepyblue Writing prompt: Stairs. Drabblish piece featuring my character Sonnie
Domestic Violence by Sheepyblue 6 word story attempt
These trials don't prepare the air for love by Sheepyblue This is a short extract from my novella 'Grenade Hearts'
No Stalker Girl, you never told me. by Sheepyblue A quick character piece for fun
The Window Life by Sheepyblue You're old now, but there's still life outside
Tear stains and Crimson by Sheepyblue 'It's any mother's worst nightmare'
No, we can't go back by Sheepyblue Writing prompt: Write about a character trying to find their way home. Is it really what you want? - An Adrian Story
Tangled Normalcy by Sheepyblue Chapter one of a story I may or not continue. Set in American during the 1930s, inspired by Of Mice and Men
Top 5 things not to do in school.... by Sheepyblue Honestly, these are important and valuable rules that should be obeyed absolutely.... Just a quick piece for the challenge
Scraps and Snippets by Sheepyblue Just some more, more character focused this time
Snippets and Scraps by Sheepyblue Just a few shorts
Give Me A Shot At The Night by Sheepyblue 'Seriously, stop working. Come on, let’s talk about what it would be like if the world was square' - A Joni and Adrian story
The Painted Planet: Prologue by Sheepyblue ‘And they all lived happily ever after!’ Prologue to a novel, I'm starting work on
Wrists: Quick character sketches by Sheepyblue Two character sketches
Junk Mail by Sheepyblue Some things are hard to adjust to. Some times it's difficult to accept something is yours.
An A* to Zee Guide to Success by Sheepyblue 'Ignite your engines parked cars, let's watch overpopulation and poverty slosh away like excess bath water'. An article
Glittering Stars by Sheepyblue Remember, not all that sparkles is gold - it's probably just tacky glitter. An attempt at an article/non fiction
Metaphorical Kipper by Sheepyblue It always leaves you to do the washing up....A poem
By the Pool by Sheepyblue 'Wonderful creations, cobwebs. They provide food for one and keep me off the streets.’ For the RW challenge, ~a (Victorian) Adrian story.
The White Room by Sheepyblue Set in a Utopian future. A faulty child is brought to the Rown house to get a second chance, as after all, a negative will become positive.
Grenade Hearts: part one by Sheepyblue A diary based story on the relationship between two quite different people. ‘We’re wronging our sides, But righting our battle wounds.'
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