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Erasing Time by notenough What if it wasn't too late to retrace your steps, and restart everything from the beginning?
The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II: Power Rankings Week IX by Michael Smith
UFO Memory Boxes Helped Ken Kesey “See” With the Mind’s Eye by Dave Masko Famed Oregon author Ken Kesey lived in a world of UFO memory box “visualization” at his Brays Point summer home.
The Meeting Ch 1-2 by Zachary Loya Three owner of buses meet but will they go to war?
Kindness, A Revenge? by West Briones
Sometimes, What I Write is Not What I Really Feel by West Briones
Sometimes, What I Write Is Not What I Really Feel. by West Briones
Momofuku Ando’s Google Doodle Questioned by “Pro-People” by Dave Masko It is known as “techie fast food,” and it may be why a noodle inventor gets a Google Doodle on his 105th birthday?
Red by misschief A matter of perspective.
the land of words not said by c.norman
The End... by Psychotic Bunny The world seems to be in a state of turmoil and survivors do their best to eke out an existence.
The Far Side of the Galaxy (ch.17) by GlenDeakin Daniel knows how to get everyone home. But not everyone is on board with the plan.
Electronic Left Hook by Mike Stevens Battle in Electronica
The Ease of Writing Essays for Scholarships by Noorlander There are thousands of scholarships available online that are easy to apply for and can help you get through college with almost no hassle!
Val tell me a Story No.25: You Broke It! by Valerie_Willis No one breaks Charmander the Cat's things without him doing something about it...
Crush by Nicola L For a boy I was too scared to talk to. I secretly still am.
May I Have This Dance? by elizabethnjw Written all the way back in 2012, by a younger me who had no idea what she was doing as kid.
Celebrating the pleasure of reading by zeudytigre There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book.
Lemonade Sisterhood Highwaymaidens Ch 1-1 by Zachary Loya Yes that's their group name. In the year 402 the queen banned lemonade yep this is the most creative and insane thing yet!
Red Portraits by Katsuki A dark themed artist attempts one finale piece after his arrest.
Pink Tree Knights Six Words by Zachary Loya Fun Fact Bingo was the name of my Pomeranian.
Night Love by D.E.Williams An About Last Night poem
What Happens When We Love Movies That Their Creators Hate? by Thomas Willett A look at when we see great films, but those behind it necessarily don't.
UFO Project BLUE Book Asserts Boxes Not of This Earth by Dave Masko Go figure that sliver of metal in Lou’s UFO “Memory” box cannot be bent; while experts think “it is not of this Earth!"
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