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An actor since childhood, I studied film at Bournemouth (1990-1992) & Farnham (1993-1996) before working as an AD in the film industry. I became a member of the Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse's LEAP Writers' group and ran Liverpool Playwrights from 2003-2007. I co-wrote the movie "Dot.Kill" (2003) starring Armand Assante, but, due to contractual reasons didn't receive a credit. For the Manchester 24:7 Theatre Festival I wrote & produced, "Canaveral's Lurch" (2006), "Bullet Shaped Heart" (2007) and the comedy sketch show, "Fully House Trained" (2008). Most recently I worked as the scriptwriter for the inaugural Bertarelli Creative Minds Festival at the Regent Theatre in Stoke.

Two Minute Silence by Neil Edwards It was the day that changed football . . . forever
A Pumpkin in the Scatter Zone by Neil Edwards Even amidst the worst horrors, fairy-tale endings can be found
The Bookmarks of Mzee by Neil Edwards After his honeymoon, a young man reflects back on his meeting with a very memorable trinket-seller
The Devil's Playground by Neil Edwards 20 years after a series of murders paralysed London, an artist presents to the world a colourful reminder of man's highest art...
Kicking the Beckett by Neil Edwards A young actor, fresh out of drama school, finds that acting isn't all it's cracked up to be.
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