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Author of What About the Boy? A Father's Pledge to His Disabled Son,

On the anniversary of the first Moon walk by Steve Gallup a tardy response to the challenge to write a poem about your generation
How I became a fanatic by Steve Gallup A worthy cause can ask a lot of you. But if it’s worthy, what’s the option?
This much is probably true by Steve Gallup Some lessons must be learned more than once. Some I'll likely have to learn yet again. Life continues to send these my way.
Before the footlights by Steve Gallup Absolutely anything can happen when you find yourself onstage. And when it's all over, that's okay.
A labor of love, from start to finish by Steve Gallup It is wonderful to pursue a dream. It is also wonderful not to know how that pursuit will end.
Frugality by Steve Gallup Setting aside a little extra money isn't easy.
An unexpected visitation by Steve Gallup Deception can have unexpected consequences.
Wipeout by Steve Gallup So I’m in this insane competition in which losing means a twenty-foot tumble...
Evil Among Us by Steve Gallup Dads gathered around a campfire discover that the new guy has a buried past.
Your Next Step Could Lead Anywhere Travel • by Steve Gallup A true story about discovery in Taiwan (previously published by Sacred Ground Travel Magazine)
Once round the field by Steve Gallup Just a bit of verse that came to me as I walked past the schoolyard.
What About the Boy? by Steve Gallup An excerpt from my published memoir
A House Divided by Steve Gallup Sometimes taking separate paths is unavoidable. Sometimes departure is what you've always wanted.
City Sketches I by Steve Gallup The first of several short pieces I wrote long ago, nominally about the rise of civilization
A Conversation with My Son by Steve Gallup A father unexpectedly comes to terms with the direction his son's life has taken.
Good, Bad, Ugly by Steve Gallup Old photos evoke frank memories of a woman's life.
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