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Sometimes you just have to write - it may not be good, or it may move someone. We just have to keep trying, keep meeting new characters, see who they become, where they go, and appreciate them all. I love this ReadWave community! I've learned a lot from everyone's comments, and appreciate every word.

An American Story by John Allison Life before labels
HellGate Memorial Hospital by John Allison Got something bothering you? We'll take care of it.
God - Thee Annual Review by John Allison It's that time of year for God's Father to stop by and do a little evaluation.
Danger || Flying Trees by John Allison Found in an old diary ...
Maintaining the Inner Storm by John Allison (perhaps a strange choice, but not for me)
Listening in by John Allison Ever swear your milk moved overnight? Guess what?
Girl-watching at the station by John Allison Pick your head up and look around! If you take the time to watch, the things you'll see!
Lieutenant Sydney by John Allison Yet another homeless-to-hero story.
I hate my life by John Allison ... she said.
The perfect girl by John Allison The top of the barrel is only a hair away from the bottom of the barrel.
No More by John Allison (a Poem) Just looking around; don't see anyone ...
Get well soon, deer by John Allison Be careful how you say you're sorry, on behalf of your species. Just be prepared to learn a little more about "them".
How to write - the story of the musician in me. Music • by John Allison Wish you were writing? Channel someone older.
WHY There are Things that I Care About by John Allison An inherited ethical compass.
You can't return to innocent/The wifebeater by John Allison To abandon a spouse in a time of need may be thought of as a selfish act. I learned that the opposite of selfish is selfless.
Snow place like home. by John Allison Dad traded in the dining room for a new member of the family.
An American Thanksgiving by John Allison Friends, family, heroin, LSD.
An American Thanksgiving by John Allison The full (more than 800 words) story.Turkey, family, a little H, and some windowpanes.
Hanging with a Butterfly: My encounter with Muhammad Ali by John Allison We stepped into the ring together, but I never got to throw a punch.
Dancing with Amanda by John Allison My first day in class, the day I made friends who are gonna be friends forever ... and they're girls!
Sailing on the edge of numb Society • by John Allison Just thinking out loud ...
Do not mourn for this poor sock, for he is with his maker now. by John Allison All I can do is tell you what I know. Do with it what you will.
Rusting Society • by John Allison On the turning away ...
HEROES IN THE DIRT, and other folk songs by John Allison A hero from my childhood ...
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