Ghost HuntingWhat happens when we leave this world? Does anything exist beyond what we see? This group of ghost hunters are about to find out.
Susan Jones15 min

Ghost Hunting



            The four teenage friends gathered in front of the old abandoned house for their weekly ghost hunt. They had been best friends for quite a long time. They had all grown up in the same town, hung out on playgrounds as children and survived middle school together. They had grown close over the years and became inseparable. Every weekend, while the other kids went to the malls or parties, these four would gather at cemeteries, old buildings and other places that were said to be haunted.

            This particular night would change everything they ever knew about the world of the dead. As they stood there gazing up at the creepy house, Michael said, “So, we're really gonna do this?” Stacey laughed as she replied, “You scared?” He just shook his head and tried to look as brave as he possibly could. He still couldn’t hide his fear. The house gave him an uneasy feeling as he looked up into the filthy windows that seemed to stare back at him.

            Becky grabbed his arm and said, “Let’s go. We’re not going to find any ghosts if we stay out here.” She went walking up the front steps and Carol was right behind her. He wasn’t afraid at all. He lived to find evidence of hauntings and showed no fear in the face of danger. The other two walked slowly behind them as Michael said, “Let’s get this over with then.”

            They opened the door to the front of the house and entered inside. There were cobwebs everywhere and no sign that there had been life in this building for quite a long time. The home had been empty longer than any of the four teenagers had been alive. They were sixteen years old, with the exception of Carol who was seventeen.

            They came equipped with digital cameras and recorders that they had bought at the local Office Depot. They weren’t professionals by any means but they all aspired to be. The four kids had started their ghost hunting adventures less than six months prior to this night and had yet to capture any real evidence of an actual ghost. But, as they all stood there in the foyer of this old house, they felt that this night would change that.

            The home had a set of stairs just in front of the entrance.  The stairs led to three bedrooms on the second level. The living room was to the right and the dining room to the left. There was a large kitchen toward the back of the house with a small den just off of that. The four teenagers walked around toward the living room area and started snapping pictures and speaking into their recorders. They didn’t want to waste any time as they began to search for the unknown.

            “Is there anyone here with us now?” Carol said into his recorder.  “If so, make yourself known. This is your opportunity to be heard.” He then pushed stop, rewound the tape and pushed play. They all listened but only heard his voice. “Nothing.” Stacey said. Becky was optimistic as she replied, “It’s still early. Let’s keep looking.” They all started toward the kitchen and again asked for a sign of a haunting.

            Michael was snapping pictures in every room but no images beyond their world were captured. After several attempts and hours of asking questions that remained unanswered, the four teenagers sat down on the floor of the living room and decided to bring out the alcohol Carol had brought. They usually ended each night passing a bottle back and forth. Carol’s father was an alcoholic and always had plenty for Carol to sneak out of the pantry.

            They had a few laughs and began to get a little tipsy on the vodka they were sharing when Becky had to use the bathroom. “I got go.” She said as she struggled to her feet, obviously feeling the effects of the alcohol. Carol said, “You can’t go in the bathroom here. You’ll have to go outside in the bushes.” They all laughed and Becky agreed with that. She headed down the hallway toward the front door to go outside and relieve herself.

            She stumbled around the corner and was just about to open the front door when she heard a sound that sobered her slightly. She could have sworn that she heard footsteps coming from the upper level of the home, just at the top of the stairs. She stood there contemplating on what to do next as she stared upward into the darkness of the upstairs hallway.

            Finally, she quietly attempted to get everyone else’s attention, “Guys, I think there’s something upstairs.” She could hear their laughter as they continued to drink. Obviously, they hadn’t heard her. She was afraid to raise her voice any louder, assuming that she may lose the opportunity to capture real evidence. She took the recorder out of her pocket and started up the stairs.

            As she slowly continued up the stairway and toward the darkness, she felt that she wasn’t alone. She was absolutely convinced that something, or someone, was up there in one of the rooms. She swallowed hard as she reached the last step and stood in the eerie hallway. She didn’t know which way to turn. There were bedrooms on both sides. Which way did the footsteps go?

            Then, she heard the footsteps once again coming from the bedroom to her left. She walked toward the sound as she pushed record and said, “Is there someone here with us right now?” Before she had a chance to play it back, she heard a door squeaking. She entered the bedroom and saw that the closet door was standing open. The room was dark and filled with old furniture that had been covered by sheets. Becky shivered as she felt a cool draft in the room.

As she stared back at the closet, she spoke once again into her recorder, “Show yourself. Give me a sign that you’re here.” Then, there was the sound of knocking coming from within the closet. Becky could hardly see anything in the room and the closet was even darker. As she stood there, afraid to move any closer, she forced herself to check it out. She had to push past her fear and investigate.

            She put the recorder down on the table in the room and walked over to the closet. As she peeked into the dark space, the floor boards squeaked a little from the weight of her body. She took a couple of steps closer to try and see where the knocking sounds had come from. Before she knew what was happening, she could feel the boards beneath her feet wiggle and break lose. She screamed as the floor gave out and her body fell through to the level below. She felt the shear pain throughout her body just before everything went dark.



            Becky slowly opened her eyes as she lay there among the debris. She struggled to figure out where she was at first but quickly remembered that she had fallen through the floor of the old house. She began to assess her situation and saw that she was amidst broken planks and ceiling pieces. She was afraid to move. Was anything broken? Was she bleeding?

            She checked one limb at a time as she slowly moved the debris off of her body. Nothing seemed to be broken at all. She didn’t even feel any pain from the impact. Becky realized immediately how lucky she had been. She didn’t seem to be injured at all from the fall but remained shaken up by the event. She carefully wiggled her way out of the broken pieces and stood up.

            She looked around and saw that she was in the dining room at this point. She stood there listening but couldn’t hear her friends anymore. Just before she had fallen, she could hear their faint laughter as they continued to drink together. However, as she stood there in the dining room, she couldn’t hear anything. Had she injured something after all? She wondered if she had gone deaf. She shook her head a little and attempted to clear her ears out but the home remained silent. Had her friends abandoned her? Did they leave when she fell?

            She walked toward the living room where they had previously been camped out. They were gone. She called to them as she began to feel the panic rise, “Carol? Stacey? Michael?” No answer came back to her but she could hear her own voice just fine. She hadn’t damaged her hearing. She continued to call out to them as she circled around the first level in a desperate search for her friends. Maybe the sound of the floor crashing through had scared them and they ran.

            She walked back over to where the front door was but froze at the site. The front door was gone. How could that be? There was a solid wall where there had been an exit. She walked over and put her hands on the new wall. It was solid. She started to cry and yell as she banged as hard as she could on it, “Help! Someone! What’s happening?!” Was she losing her mind? Maybe the front door was on the other side of the house and she had just gotten turned around. She went back around the first level but saw no exit. Every room had solid walls.

            She went to one of the windows, moved the curtain back just a little and peeked out. There was no one outside. The streets were dark and quiet. She tried to open one of the windows but it was jammed. She couldn’t budge it open at all. She went to another and then another. Every window was jammed shut. There was no way out of this old house. She walked back around to where the front door used to be in hopes that it was there this time. It was still a solid wall offering no escape.

            Then, she heard someone once again coming from the upper level but this time it was much louder. She turned around to face the stairs as she could hear the sound of a child running across the floor and giggling. She started walking up the stairs in the direction of the sounds. She could still hear it loud and clear as she took each step to the second level. However, the noises ceased as soon as she took the last step and stood at the top of the stairs. She moved down the dark hallway toward the left where she had heard the laughter.

            As she stood in the room once again, she could see the hole in the floor just in front of the closet where she had stood before. She walked over to the opening and leaned forward to peer down. She was curious to see the height at which she had fallen. As she leaned over and peered down to the first level, her heart stopped. She froze in horror as she looked back at her body lying there among the debris.

            Before she could react, someone started yanking on her shirt from behind. She turned around, terrified of what she would see. However, once she turned around, there in front of her was the source of the laughter she had heard before. It was a little girl, not much older than five or six years of age. She wore a long blue dress and had blonde hair that was tied back in braids with a matching blue ribbon.

            Becky was speechless as she stared back at the little girl. Then, the girl raise her finer to her lips and whispered, “Shhh. He’s coming.” Just as soon as she had said this, she disappeared. Becky wanted to know what that meant. She started moving quickly down the hallway as she yelled, “What does that mean? Who’s coming? Little girl, come back!” As Becky entered one of the other bedrooms in search of the girl, she heard loud, heavy footsteps echoing throughout the house.

            She stood motionless as loud footsteps marched heavily down the hallway. Judging by the sound, she could only imagine an enormous beast stomping toward her. She was terrified. The stomping became louder and louder as it moved closer to her. She didn’t know what to do. Should she hide? But, where would she go? She just stood frozen in place as the footsteps stopped directly behind her.

            She could feel something bigger than herself and more evil than she could have ever imagined standing there. She closed her eyes and whimpered a little as she dreaded what it could do to her. Then, there was a low growling as the cold air blew over her. The creature was breathing down her neck. Finally, she couldn’t take the fear anymore as she screamed and took off running through the house.

            She ran from window to window, banging as hard as she could. She either wanted one of the glass panes to break with the force that she was using or someone to at least hear her cries. She was desperate as she could feel the beast following her. She ran down the stairs and through the entire house but no one could be seen outside and her screams went unheard.

            She ran back up the stairs as the beast followed her in each direction. Before she knew it, she was standing once again in the room with the gaping hole in the floor. She stood there at the doorway looking at the table in the middle of the room. Her recorder was lying there where she had left it. The record button was still pressed in. The beast was gone for the moment and she made one last attempt to get the help she desperately needed.

            She walked over to the recorder and screamed as loud as she could, “Help me! Help me! Help me!” Over and over again she yelled this into the recorder. Someone had to hear her cries. As she continued to scream those words over and over again, the beast stomped toward her. Her screams were silenced as the beast approached her from behind once again.



            The three friends stood outside of the abandoned home as police officers came and went from the building. Police cars were lined up outside and flashing lights were nearly blinding them as they sat huddled together, speechless at what had just happened. They had already given their statements to the police. They really had no idea why Becky ended up on the second level.

            They thought she was heading out through the front of the house. She had said she was going outside. They remained in the living room when she walked toward the front door. They were all too busy laughing and drinking to notice that she never made it out of the house. As they continued to pass the bottle around, they heard the most horrible sound that would stay with them forever.

            It was Becky’s scream as the house broke apart and she fell right through the floor. Her scream had been cut short on impact but they didn’t hesitate. They immediately jumped to their feet and ran toward the loud crash in hopes to save their friend. However, upon entering the dining room, they realized right away that she couldn’t be saved. The floor and ceiling had given away and their friend was motionless among the wood boards. Stacy screamed at the site and Carol went weak in the knees.

            Becky was lying there with broken bones, her body mangled and twisted as she stared right back at them. She had obviously broken her neck from the fall and died almost instantly. Michael covered his mouth to hold in the cry he would have otherwise let out by the site. Stacey recomposed herself and walked over to the body in a desperate attempt to find a pulse. Her hand was shaking as she pressed her fingers against Becky’s neck. She then started to cry once again, “She’s gone!”

            Carol was the first to step outside of the house and call the police. As they waited for the police to arrive, Michael took the bottle of vodka and threw it into the woods behind the home. They were already going to be in enough trouble as it was for trespassing. They certainly didn’t need the police to suspect that they had been drinking as well.

            After the police had arrived, they all gave their statements separately and their parents were called. They stood there together, just trying to take in the tragedy they had experienced, when the stretcher went by with their friends body wrapped up in a body bag. Stacey was still crying and the other two were in shock. None of them said a word.

            Then, a police officer came out of the house and walked up to the three friends. He handed them a recorder as he said “I believe this might be yours. I found inside on the table upstairs.” Carol took the recorder from the officer knowing that he would never use it again for ghost hunting. None of them would. As he held it, they all noticed that the record button was still pressed in.

            The three friends all looked at each other and they knew they were sharing the same thought. Carol pushed rewind and then pressed play. They huddled closer together as they listened. At first, they could hear Becky’s voice as she asked for a sign from beyond our world. Stacy felt the need to cry once again as she heard the sound of Becky’s unsuspecting voice just before the accident.

            There was silence after that and then the crashing sound of the floor giving out. After they could hear their own screams on the recording, there was more silence. Carol was about to press stop on the small devise when they all heard something very faint. “What was that?” Michael said. They all leaned in as they heard a voice, softer than a whisper, but it was there.

            They huddled close together as Carol lifted the recorder up and turn the volume as high as it would go. In the recording, among the static of the tape, they could all hear their friend’s voice, “Help me! Help me! Help me!” Over and over again, they heard it. They all heard the cries of their friend after she had fallen through the floor and died. They had gotten what they came for; evidence of a true haunting.


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Dark Deception is available on Amazon and Kindle. The first two are currently available and the third is due to publish in the summer of 2013.

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