ReadWave FAQ's

What is ReadWave?

ReadWave is a new place for sharing 3 minute stories. We believe that everyone has a story to tell, and that 3 minutes is the perfect length for telling your story online. A “ReadWave” can be about anything - a travel experience, a life changing decision, a moment of inspiration or even something fictional.

Is it free?


I want my ReadWave to be considered for the homepage, what do I do?

Only stories that are under 800 words are eligible for the homepage. If you post up a ReadWave that is under 800 words then our editorial team will automatically read it and consider it for our homepage – you don’t have to do anything.

Can I upload my novel?

ReadWave is a place for 3 minute reads, but we don’t stop you from uploading longer stories. If you would like to upload a longer piece then we recommend that you upload it as a series of 3 minute chunks.

How do I edit my ReadWave once it’s already online?

If you want to edit your ReadWave or change the picture simply log in to the site, visit the story page, and click “Edit”. Please do not upload two different versions of the same story onto the site as that makes things messy.

Does ReadWave protect the copyright of my work?

Yes. By uploading your story onto ReadWave you are claiming copyright ownership of that story. It is illegal to upload content that you do not own, and it will be immediately removed.

How do I remove my story from ReadWave?

Log in to the site, visit your profile page, find the relevant story, and click on the trash-can button. Once it is deleted from our site we no longer have a copy of it, so please make sure that you have the story backed up before you remove it from the site.

What is that green </> button?

The green </> button at the bottom of every ReadWave generates a bit of code that enables you to “embed” your story onto other sites. See our widget guide for more info.

I’ve found offensive or copyrighted content. What should I do?

We will not tolerate any offensive content on ReadWave so if you see any of this please contact us at with a link to the offensive material. Please visit our terms and conditions for further details on what content is allowed.