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Elizabeth Hull lives in central Alberta, Canada, with her husband and cats. Her daughters live close by. Writing under the by line of C.N.Lesley, she has a novel, Darkspire Reaches published, two short stories in an anthology, Magic Creatures of the Celtic Mists, and one science fantasy book entitled Shadow Over Avalon to be published in October 2013.

Nectar of the Gods by Elizabeth Hull Colombian addict.
Ollie the Ho goes to the Vets by Elizabeth Hull Bribes don't work but trickery does.
Frank the cat goes on vacation by Elizabeth Hull Where there is a will, there is not always a way.
Dreams of Darkspire Reaches, now published by Kristell Ink in 2013 by Elizabeth Hull Judged guilty, despite being innocent of crime, there is no mercy for the accused.
Have a Nice Day. by Elizabeth Hull When the boot is changed to the other foot time is no longer an issue.
Childhood Revisited. by Elizabeth Hull A capsule in time.
Farewell by Elizabeth Hull Time heals all, or does it? What if something worse happens.
The Shadow Racer, by C.N.Lesley by Elizabeth Hull A horse runs the race of his life for his jockey. Can he outrun what is stalking the human?
The Ring by C.N.Lesley by Elizabeth Hull A ring binds a girl to her dead lover. A ring sends her away from the life she knows. A ring seals her fate.
The Perfect Murder by C.N.Lesley by Elizabeth Hull When a man loses everything, he has nothing left to lose, and now he is free. That is the time to start running if you were responsible for his framing.
The Witch's Story by C.N.Lesley by Elizabeth Hull What if the heroine of a fairy story wasn't the princess? What if the real heroine is the wicked witch? Or was she wicked?
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