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Born crazy as a fox with a beard twice as red, B. Branin has but one goal before an inevitable lab accident will eventually turn him into a super-villain: To delight as many followers as possible with his writing. If you enjoy his half-mad, fevered scribblings here, download his debut novel, Demonic Double Cross, for free at any major e-book distributor! (Also available through independent websites such as Smashwords.com and Goodreads.com)

My Friend Fats by B.Branin The greatest of friends for the lowest kind of people.
A Hypo Full Of Love by B.Branin A poetic recipe for our drug of choice.
Bottled Thoughts 3 by B.Branin Drunken ramblings on things beyond my grasp.
From One Artist To another INTROSPECTION • by B.Branin Something that most of us don't want to hear.
Text 2 Self by B.Branin Random thoughts captured with today's technology.
Demonic Double Cross Chapter 1 by B.Branin The first chapter following Arthur Broker, the lovable conman who finds himself neck deep in a conspiracy involving a mysterious cult.
Bottled Thoughts 2 by B.Branin Poetry or drunken scribbles? You decide.
Bottled Thoughts 1 by B.Branin These are the ramblings of a drunken mind. My drunken mind.
When White River Runs Red. by B.Branin Historical Fiction and Steampunk collide when a rebel Native seeks revenge against an entire city that is destroying her homeland.
Dead Weight by B.Branin Conman Arthur Broker uses both his despicable talents and recent insanity to battle a mystical opportunist and the undead horde he controls.
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