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Born crazy as a fox with a beard twice as red, B. Branin has but one goal before an inevitable lab accident will eventually turn him into a super-villain: To delight as many followers as possible with his writing. If you enjoy his half-mad, fevered scribblings here, download his debut novel, Demonic Double Cross, for free at any major e-book distributor! (Also available through independent websites such as Smashwords.com and Goodreads.com)

Lucinda by B.Branin Did you fall for her or were you pushed?
My Friend Fats by B.Branin The greatest of friends for the lowest kind of people.
A Hypo Full Of Love by B.Branin A poetic recipe for our drug of choice.
Bottled Thoughts 3 by B.Branin Drunken ramblings on things beyond my grasp.
From One Artist To another INTROSPECTION • by B.Branin Something that most of us don't want to hear.
Text 2 Self by B.Branin Random thoughts captured with today's technology.
Demonic Double Cross Chapter 1 by B.Branin The first chapter following Arthur Broker, the lovable conman who finds himself neck deep in a conspiracy involving a mysterious cult.
Bottled Thoughts 2 by B.Branin Poetry or drunken scribbles? You decide.
Bottled Thoughts 1 by B.Branin These are the ramblings of a drunken mind. My drunken mind.
When White River Runs Red. by B.Branin Historical Fiction and Steampunk collide when a rebel Native seeks revenge against an entire city that is destroying her homeland.
Dead Weight by B.Branin Conman Arthur Broker uses both his despicable talents and recent insanity to battle a mystical opportunist and the undead horde he controls.
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