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So why did we not know this? Feminism • by clyph.leftwich It would have made things much easier.
The Apocalyptic Movie Scenario of a Rubbish Removalist Environmental • by Debra Higgson Apocalyptic Movies, Junk and the connection between them...
Unbound Boxes: Issue # 79: Antun Rekaya Feminism • by Cheryl Moore After being expelled from their homeland, Antun and Inajda Rekaya fight to stay alive, whilst being herded towards Mongolia by the military.
Technology Powerless for Sexual Healing Feminism • by Dave Masko Sexually impotent technology users like to look online, but are unable to take effective action in real-life, say two risqué chicks.
Technology Rejects Human "Love Light” Feminism • by Dave Masko Like the molecules of our cells, the raw materials of our minds are not of technology, but of our human "love light.”
Why feminism will never work Feminism • by T. M. Avenger
Technology Extinguishes Human “Light” Feminism • by Dave Masko I am human, so human “LIGHT” should not be foreign to me but “IT” is because I’m hooked into technology.
Points To Follow When Contracting For Washing Machine Repair Feminism • by Alicia's Blog
Help With Selecting The Right Life Coach Feminism • by Alicia's Blog
The Hunter Environmental • by lifeandme How the Hunter fell for his prey....and wh
West Coast Burns, while “Blob” Heats Up Environmental • by Dave Masko The motion of atoms and molecules up and down the West Coast today is “out of wax,” say worried environmentalists.
Technology Offers No “Real” Satisfaction Feminism • by Dave Masko The Stones asked for “Satisfaction” 50 years ago today; while tech has no answer for this passionate expression of grief.
Unbound Boxes: Issue # 78: Margaret McCrimmond Feminism • by Cheryl Moore There’s a knock at Margaret’s door, but it’s 2 in the morning and she likes sleep. She has a knitting needle in her hand and a temper.
Here There Be Dragonflies Feminism • by Baylor Bebo The year of loss
Benefits Of Spinal Decompression Conroe Residents Need To Kn Feminism • by Alicia's Blog
Technology Tampers With Friendship in the “Secret State” Friends • by Dave Masko Technology driven users are unable to actively affirm as vital the pleasure of being with real-life friends.
Video Game Destiny Aimed at Dark-Minded “Killing” Fans Feminism • by Dave Masko Destiny is the #1 trending “first-person” killing video game aimed at youth battling self-imposed “darkness.”
What Questions You Ought To Know From The Psychic Healer Feminism • by Alicia's Blog
Technology Hypnotizes in the Secret State Feminism • by Dave Masko The toast lying cold on the kitchen table; while the mother is hypnotized shopping from a screen where A.I. looks like us.
Technology’s Data Geeks are Uptight Thinkers Feminism • by Dave Masko Digital tech promises users real-time data as a sort of carrot to keep them searching for nirvana on a screen.
The Argument. Feminism • by Tipp Hex We lose sight of what's important sometimes...
Technology Controls Media’s Secret State Feminism • by Dave Masko Freedom of the Press does not exist in today’s digital culture “secret state” where human freedoms are being extinguished.
Sex. Sex. Sex. And more sex. Feminism • by Fallon Let's talk about sex because if you don't you'll end up like me.
Unbound Boxes: Issue # 77: Lucy Apfvarzian Feminism • by Cheryl Moore Lucy Apfvarzian’s husband Juba, went missing, whilst he was out performing as a magician on the streets of Mogadishu.
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