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Redwoods Endangered and Nobody Cares Environmental • by Dave Masko Native American elders say God visited the Earth in the body of a mighty California Redwood, but was felled for designer tables in 2014.
Corita Kent Artist: A Nun Who Shunned Tech Feminism • by Dave Masko A recent Google “doodle” featured feminist artist Sister Mary Corita who shunned information technology “for art’s sake.”
Matt Taylor, why are you wearing a shirt? Feminism • by ABarros Is this feminism or something else? Where's my opinion.
Unsung Heroes Feminism • by Valormore Editorial Commentary
Is Rock Music Dead? Gene Simmons Responce Celebrity • by ConnorRae94 In an interview with his son, Nick Simmons, KISS bassist Gene Simmons declared rock music to be dead in the water. But is it really?
Damon Albarn at Royal Albert Hall Celebrity • by EmCallers
Opinion: Every Actor Deserves A Chance Celebrity • by jeansayssmth The new Fifty Shades of Grey trailer was teased by Anna Kendrick. Is the trailer really that bad?
To all the Forrest Gump lovers out there Care & Support • by Eva Barros Campelli This guy needs your help to battle his anxieties and run 870 miles
Titties Feminism • by clyph.leftwich It is more about the nipples
The Last of the Greats ~ Thesiger, Freya Stark and Fleming Travel • by Hamish 'Managua' Gunn Travel writing needs to find its stature again
Five Things Travel • by SteveNBS A few thoughts on my time here.
Snap Judgements #3 Travel • by Tipp Hex Making better pictures. (Mostly). Holding A Camera
West Coast Whales Face Radiation Environmental • by Dave Masko Whale watchers fear visiting whales will face radiation dangers as both gray and humpback whales migrate up and down the West Coast.
DEATH TRIANGLE by SANFORD79 Note: Here's a few sections of my novel "Death Triangle -A story of love, sex and war-". I hope you enjoy and give me any kind of feedback.
In Defense of Anne Hathaway The List Index • by Thomas Willett Five films that prove that she has more talent than the backlash lets on
6 Tips On How To Take That Perfect Flay Lay Photo Fashion • by Adeline A Because we're all tired of spending a good 15 minutes trying to capture the perfect photo, in an awkward position
10 things no one told you about being in a Long Distance R/S The List Index • by Chong Yin Min Being in a Long Distance Relationship
What's all this for? Who's all this for? Controversial • by SANFORD79 The facts, the fallacies, and the illusions of happy writing.
After The Train Left Friends • by Hamish 'Managua' Gunn The quest begins
Holy Creative Team Changes... Comic Books • by Ray Van Horn, Jr. Trending: New Writer and Artist Teams Are Vogue In Comics
West Coast Radioactivity Panic Frightening Environmental • by Dave Masko Fukushima radiation can be “felt” up and down West Coast beaches, say locals and visitors noticing the swirl of greasy radioactive fog.
The Curious Case of Desire Luzinda Feminism • by Anna Ryan The ultimate victim being blamed.
The Problem with Piers Morgan's Column Multiculturalism • by Anna Ryan and the Problem with Peoples' Problem With it.
Dear Piers Morgan... Controversial • by Anna Ryan Piers Morgan said that the N-word is bad. I agree with him.
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