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Bad Santa in Spider Land circa 1986 Comic Books • by Ray Van Horn, Jr. Oh, what fun it is to see what comics got away with back then, i.e. Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spiderman #112
My Rudest Awakening LGBT • by Nick Dothée Waking up: hard to do. Alcohol sugar is powerless to shame-filled reality; the night prior pails in comparison to an unforgiving dawn.
Pride - The Welsh Premiere LGBT • by Othniel Smith Report on the first Welsh screening of gay rights / industrial strife comedy-drama "Pride".
Comic Con? Yeah, no thanks. Comic Books • by Fiona Y. This is why I'd rather stick to local conventions, thank you very much.
Winter Grasses Environmental • by Hamish 'Managua' Gunn Thoughts of summer lands
Talk to the animals Environmental • by clyph.leftwich They might be listening
Dream By Sea Environmental • by DEBBIE030 Dream by the sea
We are NEVER EVER Getting Together Friends • by Invisible Black Sheep My take on everyone feeling the need to sexualize relationships between friends of opposite sexes, told from experience. Unedited.
No Evidence Friends • by clyph.leftwich Were they ever there?
Facebook of the Dead: 20 Million Dead People Profiles Friends • by Dave Masko The real life Walking Dead are on Facebook with more than 20 million dead people profiles, writes top NASA scientist.
Gone Girl(s) Girl Problems • by Eva Barros Campelli Amy Dunne and the New Female Protagonists
Outrunning The Black Dog Gaming • by Dirkgently1066 How Football Manager helped my recovery from Mental Illness
Prologue Environmental • by Robinson Prologue to my science fiction novel, Pangaea http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QSFOD6I
Pangaea Environmental • by Robinson The freedom of the global population is at stake in this dystopian science fiction novel.
10 Comic Titles That Rocked My 2014 Comic Books • by Ray Van Horn, Jr. Music journalist and proud comic book nerd Ray Van Horn, Jr. plays the year-end-best game with ten books (and then some) that rocked.
Interstellar: Anne Hathaway's Role The List Index • by Chong Yin Min Reasons why I was disappointed with her in the movie
One Make-up Product I can't live without The List Index • by Chong Yin Min If you were stuck in an island for 6 months and you could only bring one makeup product along with you what will that be?
He Loves You Not Near Death Experiences • by Bethany Chester A story about consequences
Tricks in Mind and Space Near Death Experiences • by Goldy The mystery of cause and effect.
Escape From 'The White Wall' Near Death Experiences • by scoles1 The story of Fotoe; a new world and what lies in wait behind the ominous glow of the white wall. Image www.dezeen.com
Dismantling Palm Trees on Nine Eleven: Part One Near Death Experiences • by Steve Molter
Adrift in the Void Near Death Experiences • by Valormore Hope
Lost Near Death Experiences • by Tipp Hex Survival at sea.
The Shadow of destiny Near Death Experiences • by BeckyDarkAngel opening to a piece I might expand on.
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