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My Top 10 Favourite Television Shows of 2014 The List Index • by Mark Looker Are you all caught up?
What does "X" and "O" mean? The List Index • by Chong Yin Min Let's play a game of "X"s and "O"s
Fifty Shades of Waste of Time The List Index • by Chong Yin Min
Pigs on a Plane Travel • by Miles White Men Are Foul, Disgusting Pigs. I Hate You.
Oregon Coast Markets “No Screen” Tech Free Zones Travel • by Dave Masko The digital information technology culture has proved that people will look at anything rather than each other.
Ways on How to Save on a Long Distance Move to San Francisco Travel • by Narisa Tothale Moving across town is already difficult enough, what more if it's going to be a long distance moving?
Tilikum's Plight Environmental • by jdavis247 Tilikum, an Orca bull at SeaWorld Orlando, tells about his life from being a wild Orca in Iceland to a captive at marine parks.
End of Ages - A Prelude, Hell Hath no Fury Environmental • by eyesark Was Moon to blame for the extinction of the dinosaurs, or was it just meant to be?
Empty Environmental • by mariam Tourism in the Gambia
UFO Sightings in a time of Spring Equinox Over Brays Point Environmental • by Dave Masko There is a lot happening in the UFO filled sky over Brays Point on this spring equinox day mixed with a solar eclipse & super moon.
Water Environmental • by vividh@ThoughtLane.com This story is about constraining water, and about a past when pure water was available.
#FWP The List Index • by Chong Yin Min for First World Problems
Against Nature (Part 1) Feminism • by SANFORD79 Are we civilized? Animals? Or just a dangerous mix between the twos?
Is it time your spread your wings. Travel • by HESTHER New Addventures
King's Cross by London Bus Travel • by Tipp Hex A (sort of) tourist travel guide
The Music Festival You Must Go To This Summer Travel • by Jack Hickey Better book your tickets soon...
Traffic signs for sale Travel • by David Lauret Traffic signs for sale
JE NE SUIS PAS CHARLIE Politics • by Pelagia In the wake of the tragic Charlie Hebdo attack, I look at the question of freedom of speech battling with our political agenda.
From Truth, To Nigeria Politics • by Ebisan Atsemudiara Struggle For Progress
Why We Should Lay Off Immigrants Politics • by doodles UK immigration
Can the NHS be saved? Yes. Politics • by Dan Lowes The NHS is dire straits, yet it can be saved by some simple moves.
Bigot LGBT • by clyph.leftwich
Dreaming big for little people  Art • by elke.. Creating new futures
Betty or Veronica? The age-old question still lingers. Comic Books • by Ray Van Horn, Jr. Nearly 75 years, and we still have no decisive winner.
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