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Taylor Swift Forgets What Girls Learn at 17 Feminism • by Dave Masko She says “shake it off,” but Taylor Swift forgets what it means to be a teen object today, say teen girls.
2014’s biggest Asset Feminism • by sallycross What’s the obsession with the booty?
Top 10 Halloween Facts The List Index • by Kristine Tsiknaki Samhainophobia, carved turnips and 30581 lit Jack O Lanterns
20 of My Favorite Horror Films The List Index • by Thomas Willett From old school to modern standards, a look at what gets me screaming.
Four Money Mistakes to Avoid after Graduating College The List Index • by Cristopher Calhoun
My grandmother's embroidery silks Crafts • by Carol embroidery and magical colours
Green Hair, Don't Care! Fashion • by Cait_isabell22 Dip-dyed hair and a festival attitude. Warning: Selfies included.
Little Miss Sunshine Healthy Living • by Billie Morton Happy Chickens Lay the Best Eggs
It's all about the piecing Crafts • by Kit Bakke Sewing those tiny pieces of fabric back together after you have cut them all up is what makes quilting fun
Torrid Talks Environmental • by elke.. The Cairns Institute recently hosted a TEDx event, titled 'Torrid Talks — Why Aristotle Was Wrong.'
Confessions of a Tomboy Feminism • by jcmillerwriter When I first realized I was a feminist
Halloween Haunts and Fang Bangs for Comic Readers Comic Books • by Ray Van Horn, Jr. 'Tis the season of the witch and monster mashes. Here are a few recommendations to get your fright fix in comics.
Women and Domestic Abuse Feminism • by zeudytigre Can we talk about attitudes to women and why some men continue to abuse them?
I think I understand why Grace Gelder married herself.. Feminism • by Bhm90 She liked it so she went and put a ring on it!
Glass Half Full Friends • by clyph.leftwich Or half empty?
Hatred - the game Gaming • by Aisha Din Mindless killing and potential Nazism? Sounds like a win.
Dear Mario Gaming • by SteveNBS Just some brotherly love
Feminism is Confused Because You Keep Confusing It Feminism • by Vikki Patis A recent article, discussing feminism and masochism, was so full of assumptions and half-truths, that I just had to respond.
Comment on Gender in TV Feminism • by Liana Green And I only just noticed.
Raydon's Smirk Feminism • by Valormore Fiction Noir
You're a Comic Book Reader. Embrace it. Comic Books • by Ray Van Horn, Jr. Quit hiding out there, comic book fans. Nerd or not, you're a huge demographic. Represent!
Hi Dad! Controversial • by clyph.leftwich Or you might not be my dad?
Questions Liberal Arts Majors Are Tired Of Answering The List Index • by Adeline A We are more relevant than you think
My Top 5 Contemporary Director-Composer Collaborators The List Index • by Thomas Willett Without music, film would be too wordy and impersonal
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